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Hi my name is Tanis and im new to this site. I like to play games, watch movies and have fun I have a passion for science fiction.

Since i have been asked a couple of times now why i write in danish let me explain myself. Im a turkish woman studying here in Denmark. Im learning danish (slowly) and my grammar skills are not that good yet. So i prefer to write in english. Although i read and understand spoken danish better than actually writing it

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or if you need my help for anything. Take care and god bless.

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  • Skrevet af: Fox-Mulder
    2014-09-23 23:19
    It was my pleasure.

    Thanks Im fine. Hope you are to ?

    I suggest you buy a PS3 then. It has a good prize. A lot of great games. You can see Bluray movies on it. Free to play online. So if you are into great games offline/online, and the best way to see movies ? What are you waiting for ? Science fiction games and movies are waiting for you. Im sure you will use it a lot.

    Destiny is on PS3 you know.

    So were do you play games ? On a PC then ? Or maybe on your mobile phone ? A handheld console ?

    Im into a lot of games on many consoles. I like platform, racing, fighting, action adventure, horror, and science fiction the most.
  • Skrevet af: The Pez Dispenser
    2014-09-19 14:35
    I haven't watched much of Battlestar Galactica, i think i made it through the pilot and the first three episodes of season 1. I don't like it at all to be honest, it's one of those series where i managed to dislike almost every character involved :p. I also think the way they use the "undercover robot" thing is a bit of a copout. But i'm in the minority, everbody seem to love it, so you should probably try a couple of episodes.

    Though you really should go watch season 2 and onwards of Babylon 5, that show is great, despite a couple of disasterous filler episodes.
  • Skrevet af: Fox-Mulder
    2014-09-15 11:40
    Hey Tanis.

    Thanks for your GR friend invite. I accept it. Great to be your GR friend.

    So you are into science fiction. Thats wonderful. I also love science fiction.

    What kind of games do you play and have ? And what do you play on ?
  • Skrevet af: Winjer
    2014-09-09 17:17
    No probs
  • Skrevet af: MGS SNAKE
    2014-08-15 20:25
    Funny i just finished it surrogates saw it on Netflix... Alot to Think about love their robots... Good looking haha... The point is the best about that movie... The feeling og bring with snotter human can't be replaced by the Way, nasty green stuff inside the robots hehe

    Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is crazy haha

    Have you seen titan AE ?

    All you see in movies will come true one Day... Just look at phones with video Call scifi 30 years ago
  • Skrevet af: ostekagemanden
    2014-08-14 12:14

    Yeah, I have already tried Netflix once. But I have received the possibility to get another month for free. The only reason that I have not made use of this is that I am studying law school at my third year. So it takes up a lot of my spare time, why Netflix is a bit wasted on me in the coming months.

    Now I have read your profile - sorry for the misunderstanding. I am hoping you enjoy your stay in Denmark!
  • Skrevet af: MGS SNAKE
    2014-08-13 09:09
    Ah i see Maine i will watch Them
    You are very in to these movies
    I like scifi movies a lot... Yesterday I saw Guardians of the Galaxy... I love that movie
  • Skrevet af: MGS SNAKE
    2014-08-12 16:29
    I havent seen the signal but the Moon and A.I are awesome
  • Skrevet af: Emilbanck
    2014-08-09 21:33
    Well that explains it. Enjoy your stay!
  • Skrevet af: Tanis
    2014-08-09 21:29
    Hii well my danish grammar skills are not that good and im here just temporarily as a student .

  • Skrevet af: Emilbanck
    2014-08-09 20:19
    I'm curious... why do you write in english when you obviously understand danish?

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